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  • Traveling With Your Dog Is Easy With Wireless Electric Dog Fence

    2012 - 02.08

    Most pets love to ride inside the car. They are the best companions while traveling. Though they cannot talk, they communicate using their expression and gestures, which others find cute and amazing. In traveling, your dog needs to follow the following safety tips to keep him away from any injuries.

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    Always remember that safety is the priority. Have a comfortable safety seat for your dog.

    Place his bed in the corner so that he can take a nap comfortably. Dogs sleep when they are experiencing motion sickness because it will help them to cope.

    If your dog is not familiar in riding a car, start by allowing him to wander inside it while the engine is off. Then, you can make short trips together until he gets used to traveling.

    Bring toys to make him busy while on the trip. Offering him foods or treats is not advisable because they will just make him vomit.

    Safety belts can ensure your dog’s safety by preventing him from being thrown inside the vehicle. So, always check if the belts are worn.

    Make sure that your pet does not have an empty stomach before traveling.

    Always put dog tags; in case your dog gets out of the car, you can still find him.

    Make stops every two hours to give yourself and your dog a break. This will also be a perfect time for him to use the toilet. Giving him time to stretch will kill his boredom.

    Never leave your pet unattended at the parking area; he might suffer from heat stroke especially during summer.

    Pack an appropriate supply when having a long trip. You need to bring water, collar, treats and leash.

    Do not forget your petsafe batteries.

    Before traveling, ask your dog’s vet for the signs of dog’s car sickness. Never give medication without the prescription of his vet.

    If your pet has hyperactivity problem, ask your vet if sedatives can be used.

    Make a few trips with your pet into somewhere fun for him to enjoy every ride. This way, he will also get used being inside the car for a long time.

    Rember your portable doggie door

    Finally, if you are already on your destination, it will be safer if you will use wireless dog fence. Of course, you can bring your wireless electric dog fence with you but make sure that you have the smaller and lighter type of wireless indoor dog fence. It will allow your dog to roam around without exceeding the set limit in the machine. But it does not mean that you will no longer need to put his identification collar. Bear in mind that as a pet owner, it is your responsibility to keep your dog safe, that’s why you need to make an extra effort in keeping his safety maintained.

    The purpose of your travel is to have fun and relax with your pet, that’s why giving your pet a break from using his crate is the best thing to do. This will permit him to experience freedom without compromising his safety.

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